Doing Our Part During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Doing Our Part During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Accurate information on the COVID-19 and CCrx’s part in reducing its risk.

Community Clinical Pharmacy is dedicated to keeping our patients healthy and safe. We are offering FREE USPS Shipping for all non-refrigerated items during this state of emergency.

This will help to reduce foot traffic and, by extension, any possible exposure to the virus, keeping our at-risk patients well. Refrigerated and frozen items can still be shipped via Fedex for a fee. Let us know with your next refill if you would like us to ship your non-refrigerated medications at no cost. Let’s do our part to keep our community strong.

Reliable Information About COVID-19

Here’s a link to the CDC to get the most up-to-date, accurate information on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak:

Doing Your Part

The most important steps to take are to stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds while you’re out, and avoid touching your face. These steps will help reduce the chances of you getting the virus or spreading it to others if you have already been infected.

We’ll keep working to get you the medications you need to stay healthy even if that means we may not see your smile at the counter. Stay well!


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When in doubt, contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We are here to offer you solutions and assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Contact us with comments, questions, or pharmacy
related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!


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