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Male Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, which is defined by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. Erectile Dysfunction can interfere with your self-confidence and relationships, but there are safe and effective treatment options available. Community Clinical Pharmacy has innovative and affordable treatment options to meet your needs.

There are several compounded Erectile Dysfunction medications that can improve your erection and enhance your sex life when other methods have failed. Many Urologist and Primary Care Physicians in Arizona, choose Community Clinical Pharmacy to be their trusted compounding pharmacy to formulate injectable Erectile Dysfunction medications.

Injectable Erectile Dysfunction Medications

One treatment option is compounded BiMix or TriMix (Prostaglandin, Papaverine, Phentolamine) injections. This medication is a powerful combination of two or three vasodilators (Prostaglandin, Papaverine, Phentolamine), that are injected directly into the corpus cavernosum (side of the penis-between the base and the middle) of the penis. TriMix is an affordable Erectile Dysfunction treatment option for men no longer responding to traditional therapies. Injectable Erectile Dysfunction formulations can be tailored to meet the medical providers specification by adding medications, such as Atropine when necessary.

Patient Education Handout for TriMix

The Pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy developed a method to freeze dry TriMix ingredients (Prostaglandin, Papaverine, Phentolamine) without compromising the active ingredients or strength. Medical providers click here to download the pre-printed prescription to prescribe our Lyophilized Tri-Mix.

  •  Lyophilized Tri-Mix can be stored at room temperature (up to 6 months) until you’re ready to use it
  •  Lyophilized TriMix can be shipped anywhere in Arizona without special handling or shipping
  •  Lyophilized TriMix is sent for independent third-party sterility and strength testing prior to dispensing

Patient Education Handout for LYO TriMix

Are you a medical provider interested in learning more about our Erectile Dysfunction compounds? Do you need a recommendation for a local medical provider that prescribes for Erectile Dysfunction compounds?

Female Sexual Dysfunction

It is estimated that 40 percent of women in the United States have sexual concerns and 12 percent report distressing sexual problems including low sexual desire (Libido) and inability to reach orgasm. Sharzad Green, Pharm. D. offers private consultations to address sexual dysfunction in females.

If you answer yes to 3 or more of the following questions, you may be suffering from Female Sexual Interest/Arousal/Orgasmic disorder:

Reduced or no interest in sexual activity
Reduced or no sexual/erotic thoughts or fantasies
Stopped initiation of sexual activity, and are you typically unreceptive to a partner’s attempts to initiate
Unreceptive to a partner’s attempts to initiate sexual activities
Reduced or no sexual excitement/pleasure during sexual activity in almost all or all sexual encounters
Reduced or no sexual interest/arousal in response to any internal or external sexual/erotic cues (eg, written, verbal, visual)
 Marked delay in, marked infrequency of or absence of orgasm

Reduced or absent genital or nongenital sensations during sexual activity in almost all or all sexual encounters
Reduced intensity of orgasmic sensations
Pain during vaginal penetration
Pelvic pain during vaginal penetration attempts or vaginal intercourse
Fear and/or anxiety of pain associated with vaginal penetration attempts or vaginal intercourse
Marked tensing or tightening of the pelvic floor muscles during attempted vaginal penetration

Factors that may affect a woman’s sexual function:

  • Menopause (surgical, chemically induced or natural)
  • Gynecologic issues
    •  Childbirth
    •  Pelvic floor or bladder dysfunction
    •  Endometriosis
  • Medication and substance effects
  • Relationship factors
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Psychiatric and neurologic disease
  • Other medical conditions
If you have questions about sexual health dysfunction, please schedule a consultation with our hormone specialist Sharzad Green, Pharm.D by filling out the form below.


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