What is Compounding? Top Benefits of Customized Rx Solutions

What is Compounding? Top Benefits of Customized Rx Solutions 1024 536 Community Clinical Pharmacy

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Across the nation, there are numerous compounding pharmacies serving patients with certain conditions that need specialized medication. What exactly is compounding and why are compounding pharmacies important to many people, bringing them the benefits they need?

What Is Compounding?

Compounding specifically deals with preparing custom formulations of medicine. It’s made to fit patients with specific conditions, providing customized solutions for each patient’s needs. Medication was compounded historically, but due to the rising demand of medicine, it became a norm to mass produce. Nowadays, with new techniques and technology, compounding is now made much easier for those with customized needs.

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Why Compounding?

Compounding certainly has a variety of benefits for patients.

Great for Discontinued Medication

There are times when medication is phased out and there may not be alternatives available. Compounding allows for the creation of discontinued medications through specialized formulation by certified pharmacists with the help of the latest technology in processing pharmaceutical ingredients.

Catering Medication to Those with Allergies

There are certain pharmaceutical ingredients that patients are allergic to, whether they be dyes, gluten, or alcohol, causing reactions that are less than stellar. Compounding pharmacists are able to create medication without certain ingredients that patients are allergic, or replace them with alternatives to address specific health needs. Allergen-Free Formulations provides options aside from the mass produced, commercially available medications.

Can Be Made into Alternative Forms

There are some medications that only come in specific forms such as pills but patients may need them in a different form such as oral liquids, suppositories, tablets, troches and more. A compounding pharmacist will be able to create medications in numerous forms that are easier for the patient (human or animal) to take. 

Do You Need a Compounding Pharmacy?

If you’re suffering from a health condition and have special needs in treating them, then you may benefit from compounding, where expert pharmacists will be able to create customized medication for you

When you’re currently taking a commercially available medication that is not providing results or bringing unwanted reactions, talk to your provider about customized options through compounding

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about your options when it comes to compounding or hormone replacement, please call Community Clinical Pharmacy and we can consult with you and your physician to find the best solution.

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Assisting You With Customized Needs at Community Clinical Pharmacy

Community Clinical Pharmacy has been solving problems for Arizona patients for decades. We’re here to provide patients and medical providers with only the highest quality medications and compounding services. Our team is more than happy to help in treatment options for very specific conditions.

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