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Compounding Pharmacy Near Me: Community Clinical - Mesa, Arizona

Taking care of your health is more important than ever. Are your current medications ineffective, not yielding the results you desire? This is actually a common challenge patients are experiencing, and many are finding solutions through custom compounded medications from compounding pharmacies. The East Valley (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert) of Arizona trusts Community Clinical Pharmacy for all of their needs.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is different from a retail pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, etc). Compounding pharmacies are led by accredited expert pharmacists that specialize in formulating treatments or medications to meet the unique needs of an individual patient (either human or animal) when a commercially available drug does not meet those needs.

Pharmacists customize medications based upon a doctor’s prescription to meet a patient’s needs:

  • Customize strength or dosage.
  • Flavor a medication (to make it more palatable for a child or a pet).
  • Reformulate the drug to exclude an unwanted, nonessential ingredient, such as lactose, gluten, or a dye to which a patient is allergic.
  • Change the form of the medication for patients who, for example, have difficulty swallowing or experience stomach upset when taking oral medication.

Compounding pharmacists can put drugs into specially flavored liquids, topical creams, transdermal gels, suppositories, or other dosage forms suitable for patients’ unique needs. Compounding does not include making copies of commercially available drug products, as this is not allowed by law. 


Community Clinical Works with Arizona Patients & Their Providers

The experts at Community Clinical Pharmacy in Mesa, Arizona have helped thousands of patients get the treatments they need. Men, women, children, and even pets.





- Testosterone Replacement
- Erectile Dysfunction
- Libido
- Tri-mix
- Sexual Health

- Menopause
- Estrogen Replacement
- Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
- Vaginal Dryness

- Custom Dosages
- Different Dosage Forms (Tablets, Liquid, etc)
- Flavoring for better compliance

- Custom dosages for pet weight and condition
- Pet Preferred Flavoring (Meat & Veggie flavors)

Community Clinical Pharmacy in Mesa, Arizona formulates high grade custom compounded treatments for many conditions in our new state-of-the-art laboratory. Contact us and let us know your condition and what challenges you have with your current medications. We can provide you with some alternatives and schedule a consultation.

Explore some of our specialties:

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)  

There are many patients suffering from persistent chronic pain and autoimmune conditions who have been unable to find relief from commercially available drugs and have been searching for non-opioid options. An old drug with potentially new indications, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), may hold the answers.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)  

Hormone imbalances in men (such as low testosterone) and women (such as low estrogen) can be debilitating. Our experts provide options, whether it’s hormone replacement or non-hormonal, we make sure patients are aware of all of the alternatives. Schedule Consultation >>


Some common symptoms of menopause are mood changes, hot flashes, sleep problems, and vaginal dryness, among others. The symptoms are not the same for every woman, and factors such as lifestyle, health conditions, and hormone imbalance, may influence how one experiences menopause. Learn about how we’ve helped thousands of Arizona women >>

Sexual Health

A healthy sex life can make all the difference on one’s relationship, quality of life, and other aspects of one’s life. Addressing issues with arousal, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, libido, sex drive, and more are necessary. Trust that you are in good hands when working with our experienced pharmacists, who have helped thousands of Arizona men and women. Learn about how we treat sexual dysfunction >>

Take a sneak peek into our state-of-the-art labs and clean rooms at Community Clinical Pharmacy.

We offer sterile and non-sterile compounding services for the East Valley (Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert) Arizona Area.

Find a Treatment That Works

If you (or your family & pets) are suffering from a health condition, and have not been able to find relief through your current commercially available medication, it may be time to look into other options through custom compounded treatments. 

Contact our experts today to find out more about what potentials lie in compounded medications concerning your specific individual needs. We work with you and your physician to formulate the right treatment for you. Not all medications are on-size-fits-all. 

Plus, Next-Day Delivery within 10 mile radius.

Need More Clarification? Ask an Expert Pharmacist Online

Curbside Pickup and Delivery

With the current global health crisis still in full effect, Community Clinical offers curbside pickup and local delivery (next-day delivery within a 10-mile radius) from our Mesa clinic. We are also open for patients to come into the store as needed. Please wear a mask when coming in to speak with pharmacists or browse products. Call us at 480-969-0600 for more information.

Do You Need a Prescriber Referral?

As the East Valley’s trusted hormone & compounding experts, we are happy to provide referrals to prescribers that specialize in dermatology and other treatments for specific conditions.

Please provide your information and we will connect you with the best providers our community has to offer.

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About Our Expert Consultant

Hormone specialist and pharmacist, Sharzad Green received her Pharm.D. degree from the University of Arizona in 1990 and has had the privilege of serving patients and providers across Arizona since then. The focus of her practice changed in the late 1990s after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began to learn more about integrative medicine and has offered her services in the following areas for the past 21 years:

  • Menopause, PMS, PCOS, and Andropause, using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Adrenal fatigue syndrome
  • Nutritional supplementation

“I believe in building a trusting relationship with other healthcare providers and helping their patients achieve optimal health.”

Feel free to contact Dr. Green through (480) 969-0600 or reach her online if you have any questions or if you or your physician would like to meet. We look forward getting you the relief you need with the right treatment. Medication is not one-size-fits-all.

When in doubt, contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We are here to offer you solutions and assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Contact us with comments, questions, or pharmacy related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!



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