3 Things You Might Not Know We Compound

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3 Things You Might Not Know We Compound

Compounded Solutions from our Expert Pharmacists

Decades of Compounding

One conversation with our pharmacists or glance at our website, and it’s obvious we have spent decades honing our skills in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. But what some might not realize is that we’ve put just as much effort into other avenues of compounding, offering a wide variety of services. 

Below are three things you might be surprised to know we compound.

Facial Creams

People come up against all sorts of obstacles in their quest for fresh, healthy skin. They have to fight redness, dryness, acne, and aging, to name just a few. In response, we have developed an arsenal of formulas and products to help combat these imperfections- even some of our bases take an active role in getting you on the road to bright, clear skin. The best part is, because we are a compounding pharmacy, your doctor can tailor your prescription to address your unique needs in a facial cream. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

Sharzad Green, Pharm.D, is the Hormone Expert at Community Clinical Pharmacy Having helped over 20,000 people with utilizing hormones to improve their quality of life. 

Hair Growth Solutions

Whether it’s caused by stress, genetics, or simply growing older, hair loss can be distressing for men and women alike. While the solutions vary as much as the causes, we have a number of tried-and-true formulas with ingredients like minoxidil, azelaic acid, and vitamin b, all designed to help boost hair growth. If you are dealing with hair loss, ask one of our pharmacists which formula would work best for you!

Boric Acid Suppositories

For any woman that’s ever had to suffer through chronic yeast infections, that first itch can send her into a panic. It can be particularly frustrating if standard treatments don’t seem to be doing the trick. Thankfully, we compound boric acid suppositories to help lower the vagina’s pH and fight against not only recurrent yeast infections, but bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis as well.

Bringing your boric acid suppository prescription to us will ensure that you will be getting high-quality, affordable medication, no panic necessary.

Curious about other medications we might be able to compound? Reach out! Our well-trained staff is always ready to help!

If you find yourself interested in the treatments mentioned or any other alternatives to treatments that may not be working for you, contact Sharzad Green Pharm.D at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We can answer all your questions and work towards formulating a solution that works for you. 

Contact us with comments, questions, or pharmacy
related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!

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