Virtual & Phone Patient Consultations Amidst Pandemic

Virtual & Phone Patient Consultations Amidst Pandemic 1024 538 Community Clinical Pharmacy

Virtual & Phone Patient Consultations Amidst Pandemic

Addressing Patients’ Ongoing Needs During COVID-19

Since COVID, we have been doing our patient consultations via secure video or phone for the safety of our community. Learn more about how we’ve adapted our consultation process.

What to Expect

Each appointment is about an hour long and patients can be referred for a private consultation ($135) by health providers.

1. Referral.The patient’s health care provider is usually the one who refers a patient for consultation. But a patient can reach out to our hormone specialist without a referral as well.

2. The Right Fit? Expert pharmacist contacts the patient for a brief introduction and asks specific questions to be sure that the individual can benefit from services. If so, we proceed to the next step.

3. Labs. If the provider has already ordered labs and the results are in, the patient can make an appointment. If labs have not been drawn yet, a recommendation to draw specific labs will be sent to the provider and an appointment will be scheduled for a later date.

4. Questionnaire. The patient will be asked to fill out the questionnaire (online) and submit.

5. Medication/Supplement Verification. We request that the patient sends us pictures of all supplements and medications they are currently on (for review during the consultation).

6. Consultation.  During the consultation, the pharmacist will go over:

    • Past medical history
    • Family history
    • Risk factors for developing different diseases
    • Current medications and supplements
    • Lab results
    • Symptoms
    • Hormonal and non-hormonal approaches to treatment (integrative medicine)

7. Provider Approval. The pharmacist will fax a copy of the recommendation to the provider and wait to get the approval.

8. Get Medication. Once approved, our pharmacy will get prescriptions ready and let the patient know to pick up or ship/deliver to them.

9. Follow-Up. Patients are instructed to contact the pharmacist via email or phone 3 wks after the start of therapy to give a progress report.

10. Assess Progress. Labs are scheduled as seen fit by the pharmacist and provider and based on the patient’s progress.

Need Clarification? Ask Our Experts Questions Today

Do You Need a Prescriber Referral?

As the East Valley’s trusted hormone experts, we are happy to provide referrals to prescribers that specialize in hormone therapy and other treatments for specific conditions.

Please provide your information and we will connect you with the best providers our community has to offer.

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About the Expert Consultant

Hormone specialist and pharmacist, Sharzad Green received her Pharm.D. degree from the University of Arizona in 1990 and has had the privilege of serving patients and providers across Arizona since then. The focus of her practice changed in the late 1990s after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She began to learn more about integrative medicine and has offered her services in the following areas for the past 21 years:

  • Menopause, PMS, PCOS, and Andropause, using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Adrenal fatigue syndrome
  • Nutritional supplementation

“I believe in building a trusting relationship with other healthcare providers and helping their patients achieve optimal health.”

Feel free to contact Dr. Green through (480) 969-0600 or reach her online if you have any questions or if you or your physician would like to meet. We look forward getting you the relief you need with the right treatment. Medication is not one-size-fits-all.

When in doubt, contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We are here to offer you solutions and assist you in making informed decisions about your health. Contact us with comments, questions, or pharmacy related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!



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