The Roaring ‘20s: New Beginnings for the New Decade

The Roaring ‘20s: New Beginnings for the New Decade 1024 538 Community Clinical Pharmacy

The Roaring ‘20s: New Beginnings for the New Decade

Community Clinical Pharmacy’s Exciting Move for the New Year

“Three, two, one… Happy New Year!” And just like that we are living in the next decade. 

We’re back in the Roaring ‘20s, only now we’re 100 years older and that much wiser and this decade is going to be a time for change.

Maybe this decade will mean cleaner eating or challenging exercise routines or more time spent with those we love. Maybe this is the decade we make that career change or decide to retire or finally invest some energy into our model airplane hobby. Or if you’re us, this is the decade you say goodbye to the building you’ve worked in for forty years and move. 

Our Old Building

Geographically, it’s not a big move. We found a space about two miles east of where we are currently, just south of Baseline on the west side of Country Club. It’s across the street from Costco, so we’re looking forward to many pizza and hotdog lunches.

Emotionally, though, it’s a huge move. We’re bubbling with excitement at the change and look forward to showing off our new technology and stylized interior. And we really do mean ‘showing off’ because our pharmacy will be readily visible from the street. Parking will be generous. The custom layout will allow us to be even more efficient. Our education center will protect our patients’ privacy and provide a space for community instruction. 

The modern style will ensure our patients’ comfort and our state-of-the-art lab will keep us in the forefront of the ever-changing legal compounding standards. It’s a new building for a new decade and we can’t wait to get into it.

Don’t rush over there just yet though. If you pass by the area, you’ll see some very attractive frame-work, but that’s about it. We expect to start this new chapter in the late springbut don’t worry; with news as thrilling as this, we can’t help but keep you updated.

In the meantime, we wish you the best this decade has to offer. Let’s make the 20s roar.

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