CPESN Arizona: Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks

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CPESN Arizona: Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks

Keeping Arizona out of the hospital

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What if insurance companies paid a pharmacy, not on how many prescriptions it pumped out, but on the quality of care it provided? How much more good could a pharmacist do if instead of blindly filling prescriptions, he was in active communication with all of the patient’s other healthcare providers? What would happen if instead of struggling, unsuccessfully, to keep the cost of healthcare down by pushing for more regulations, we shifted perspectives and focused on results instead?

In other words,
what if our healthcare system was actually

Community Clinical Pharmacy is a local compounding pharmacy located in Mesa, Arizona. Private consultations are available regarding utilizing Essential Oils and/or other options  in treatment for your ailments. CCRx Pharmacists are experts that work with your doctor to find the best fit, for any condition. 

Developing a Solution to Improve Healthcare Spending

This may seem like a fanciful forecast set in the far future, but in reality we don’t have to go any farther than North Carolina to see this system already in action. The movement started in the mid-1990s when, faced with the harrowing projections of healthcare costs in the coming years, the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services called for a collaboration of a number of healthcare groups to come up with a Medicaid program that would provide better budget control.

The program would grow and improve through the years, but it would always stay true to its founding theory:

“Quality care would be cost effective care.”

Today the program is known as Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and is now the “largest and longest running medical home system in the U.S.” By focusing on quality care, it has reduced hospital admissions by 27%,  reduced readmissions by 59%, and has saved the state of North Carolina $345 million in healthcare costs last year alone.

With this new focus, two things became apparent:   

  • Because chronically ill patients go to their pharmacy an average of 35 times a year, compared to the annual 6 visits to their physician, community pharmacies are in a unique position to deliver the enhanced care that most chronically ill patients need.
  • The value of a patient-oriented care system is too great to be confined to North Carolina alone.

How Arizona Advocates the CCNC Healthcare Mission

Enter an organization called Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN® USA), which was founded by CCNC, NCPA and Troy Trygstad. The mission would stay the same- to “improve the quality of care and patient outcomes”- but it would narrow its focus to the ​pharmacy’s​ role in patient care while broadening its influence to include the entire nation. Local networks began springing up all over the country.

Kris Kaniski, owner of Community Clinical Pharmacy, took point as Lead Facilitator here in Arizona. “Right now we’re looking at recruiting pharmacies,” Kaniski explains. Eligible pharmacies are those that shift their focus from prescriptions to people. He continues, “Once we get the required number of pharmacies to serve a majority of the state, we can start to create the necessary infrastructure for everyone to come together.”

The pharmacies that belong to these networks offer enhanced, patient-centered service and are willing to make the time to focus on keeping patients well and out of the hospital. They offer “enhanced” services such as medication synchronization, comprehensive medication reviews, and immunizations.

Kris Kaniski is an expert pharmacist and owner of Community Clinical Pharmacy , a local compounding pharmacy located in Mesa, Arizona. He is bringing Arizona pharmacists together to provide our community with more patient-centered care.

Moving Towards a Better Arizona 

So what will that mean for Arizona? As patients, it means that our most-accessible healthcare providers, the pharmacists, will be better equipped to provide meaningful, quality care. That translates into increased medication adherence rates, decreased hospital admissions, and more open lines of communication between all parties. 

As taxpayers, it could mean a potential savings of millions of dollars annually in the healthcare budget. We’ll have a patient-centered, cost-effective healthcare system, and we will be able to stop wondering, “What if?”

Are you an Arizona Pharmacist that is interested in joining CPESN®? 

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If you are seeking more info about CPESN®, how we provide patient-centered care, and would like to learn more, please call (480) 969-0600 or you can ask a pharmacist a secure question here.

Community Clinical Pharmacy has served Mesa, Arizona for over 38 years and takes pride in improving our community’s quality of life.

Contact us with comments, questions, or pharmacy
related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!


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