CCRx: The most advanced equipment to provide you with the best medications

CCRx: The most advanced equipment to provide you with the best medications 1024 538 Community Clinical Pharmacy

Community Clinical Pharmacy: The most advanced compounding equipment

State-of-the-art technology for custom medication

Faster than a charging rhino! More G-Force than 75 times that of the world’s top roller coaster! Able to mix oil and water in a single cycle! Look, in our lab at Community Clinical Pharmacy! It’s the latest in compounding technology designed to give you the highest quality medications! While our lab technicians are certainly super, the quality and accuracy of the compounds they make can be greatly enhanced with the right machinery. We strive to make sure our lab is stocked with the latest in compounding technology so that our patients, in turn, receive the highest quality medications possible.

Below are three technologically advanced machines that we are excited to use in our lab.


If the name Mazerustar sounds like the name of a superhero, that’s because it kind of is. The Mazerustar uses a technique called planetary rotation to spin a compound at super-speed in one direction while simultaneously revolving in the opposite direction. It’s powerful enough to mix oil and water and keeps our creams elegant, our suspensions smooth, and our troches uniform.

For our patients, that means oral medications taste better and topical medications are consistent. As the first pharmacy in Arizona to own one, we are proud to boast the Mazerustar as the newest addition to our advanced-technology arsenal.

Sharzad Green, Pharm. D., is a hormone replacement specialist & pharmacist at Community Clinical Pharmacy, in Mesa, Arizona. She offers private Hormone Replacement Consultations to find a tailored solution that fits your needs. Sharzad has had the privilege of working with over 12,000 patients and providers in the Valley and around the world.


When it comes to compounding creams, ointments, and gels, size matters. Particle size, that is.

The tinier we can crush the particles of the active ingredient in a topical medication, the easier it will be absorbed into the patient’s skin when applied. And while our human team does their best with a mortar and pestle, the real size-reducing action is done with our three-roll mill. This mill uses super-strength to crush particles down to under 20 microns, or 1/6th the width of a human hair. It produces stable, homogeneous medications that our patients can be confident in.

Want to know how compounded medications can help you? Ask a pharmacist today!


On par with super-speed and super-strength is the ability to remove water from a suspension without using heat. The process is called lyophilization, which brings us to our next super-machine: the Lyophilizer. The Lyophilizer freezes a suspension, lowers the pressure, then removes the ice via sublimation, resulting in a dehydrated medication that is now easier to store and has an extended shelf-life.

Using this machine has set us apart from other compounding pharmacies in a  number of different areas, perhaps the most noticeable being that we are the only pharmacy in Arizona to offer lyophilized trimix. While pre-mixed trimix must be stored in the freezer and has a 45-day expiration date from when the pharmacy makes it, our lyophilized trimix can be kept at room temperature and is good for a full six months from when it is made until it is reconstituted. This makes traveling with the medication a breeze and has revolutionized the way gentlemen use trimix.

While much effort should be put into compounding knowledge and techniques, staying on top of the latest in technology ensures that our lab produces only the highest quality medications. We do our best to truly be a ‘super’ pharmacy.

If you find yourself interested in the treatments mentioned or any other alternatives to treatments that may not be working for you, contact our experts at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We can answer all your questions and work towards formulating a solution that works for you. 

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