Remember Your Meds! Tips on Remembering to Take Your Medication

Remember Your Meds! Tips on Remembering to Take Your Medication 1024 538 Community Clinical Pharmacy

Remember Your Meds!

Tips on remembering to take your medication

The Dilemma: So you go to the doctor and he’s given you a prescription. The pharmacy staff filled it, the pharmacist has counseled you on it, and you’ve arrived home, medication in hand, ready to start feeling better.

What you might not realize, though, is that you are now at what is for most people the hardest part of the process remembering to take your medication.


Unfortunately, in medicinal matters, what you don’t remember can hurt you. In the most benign cases, you will miss out on the benefits of your prescription. In the more severe instances, however, skipped doses can lead to increased doctor’s visits, hospitalization, or worse.

How do you remember to take your medication and keep yourself on track towards maintaining the healthiest version of you?

Get the most out of your prescriptions by following these handy tips:

1. Get a pill organizer.

This tried-and-true method of pre-sorting your medication into daily compartments ensures that you neither miss nor double up on a dose. Though they come in a variety of colors and styles if you’re feeling fancy, a basic pill organizer easily runs for under $2.

2. Set a reminder on your phone. .

Want to go electronic but aren’t sure about downloading an app?
Schedule alerts to go off when it’s time to take your medication by using the reminder feature on your phone’s calendar.

3. Install a medication reminder app.

As we move further into the twenty-first century, there seems to be an app for just about everything, and medication reminders are no exception. Most are free and have the capability of handling even the most complicated prescription regimens. Check out Medisafe Pill Reminder or Mango Health if you’re not sure where to start.

4. Keep your prescription in plain sight.

Instead of tucked inside a medicine cabinet, put your prescription by your toothbrush on the bathroom counter. Or keep it on top of your nightstand instead of in a drawer. Still use common sense and adhere to the storage recommendations for any medication, but if possible, a visual reminder can be extremely helpful.

5. Sign up for Med Sync.

Let us help! Med Sync is a free program designed to synchronize your medication so you only make one trip to the pharmacy every month. And the best part is, we’ll call you when it’s time to refill your prescriptions- no string on your finger necessary.

6. Incorporate your prescriptions into your daily routine.

Is your medication supposed to be taken early? Take it every morning right after you put on deodorant. Is it a nighttime medicine? Try making it the last step of your evening oral hygiene routine. Of course, you’ll have to find your own flow, but the point is to link your prescriptions to something you’re already doing regularly.

DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU: Depending on your personal situation, you might want to use one, two, or a combination of the points listed above to turn the hardest part of the prescription process into the easiest! Whatever the case, we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us at (480)969-0600 with comments, questions, or pharmacy related topics you’d like to know more about. And, as always, stay healthy!


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