How to Prepare for the Summer

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How to Prepare for the Summer

Items to Bring with You During Summer Vacation

If the cicadas’ constant hums and the late sunsets didn’t give it away, Friday, June 21st marked the first official day of summer! With the summer season comes vacations and pool parties, lemonade and grilled meats, summer blockbusters and sprints from one air-conditioned spot to another. And while summertime has a high potential for fun, it can also go very wrong if we’re not properly prepared. Below is a friendly reminder to stock up on items that will maximize the summer party and minimize the summer pain.


Wearing sunscreen is important for all skin types across all ages in all types of weather. It can protect against sun burns, long term sun damage, premature aging, and skin cancer, to name just a few benefits. With such a vital product it’s important to pick one that works well, which is why we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite sunscreen brands.

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Sensitive SPF 30+ was just voted #1 Mineral Sunscreen of 2019 by and promises to be free from parabens, fragrances, and preservatives. Other top-rated brands we carry include CoTZ and Coppertone, both with water-resistance and SPF 40 and 50 respectively. And don’t forget your lips! Applying Vanicream sunscreen lip balm ensures that our thinnest skin is protected as well!


Sharzad Green, Pharm. D., is a hormone replacement specialist & pharmacist at Community Clinical Pharmacy, in Mesa, Arizona. She offers private Hormone Replacement Consultations to find a tailored solution that fits your needs. Sharzad has had the privilege of working with over 12,000 patients and providers in the Valley and around the world.

Insect Repellent

There’s nothing quite like gathering our friends and having a summertime barbeque complete with refreshing beverages. Unfortunately, mosquitoes seem to have the same idea. This summertime pest can be a serious annoyance as they suck away at our arms and legs while we try to enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to pick up insect repellent next time you are in the pharmacy so you can throw back a drink outside without becoming one yourself. And if you do happen to get bitten while out and about, calamine lotion can go a long way in relieving the irritating itch. Make sure to pick up a bottle of this, too, just in case!

First Aid Kit

The truth of the phrase ‘It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt’ is probably most often realized in the summer while children are out of school and are at their most playful. Keeping a first aid kit on hand will help with the inevitable scrapes and bruises.

Moisturizing Cream

Yes, it’s hot. And yes, it’s a dry heat. But while the dry heat makes the outside temperature more bearable, it also wreaks havoc on our skin. Because we lack moisture in our atmosphere, it’s important to get it from somewhere else, namely, a moisturizing cream. To prevent our skin from looking like part of the cracked desert landscape, we have a variety of moisturizing cream brands to cover all needs and skin types. These include brands like CeraVe, Aveeno, Gold Bond, Cetaphil, Vanicream, and Coloplast. Swing by the pharmacy to check out our selection and choose the cream that’s best for you.

Being even just a little extra prepared this summer can mean the difference between being blistery, bitten-up, and cracked dry and being well-tanned, smooth-skinned, and moisturized. Do you have a favorite product you’d like us to order for you or keep stocked? Let us know! In the meantime, stay cool, stay hydrated, and make it a great summer!

When in doubt, contact one of our knowledgeable pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We are here to offer you solutions and assist you in making informed decisions about your health.

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