Decoding Your Prescriptions

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Have you ever wondered what that illegible prescription says?

It’s not hieroglyphics. Those scribbles are an actual medical code that the pharmacy uses to determine how you are supposed to use a medication. Courtesy of Carrington College, this infograph will walk you through how to decode your prescriptions prior to reaching the pharmacy.


It is imperative to understand the medications you are prescribed.

Some medications treat several medical conditions, so prior to leaving your appointment it is important to discuss with your medical provider why you are taking your prescribed medications. When you come to Community Clinical Pharmacy, our pharmacist will counsel you on how to take, store and manage your prescriptions. We also offer private consultations if you would like to discuss your prescriptions or current medical conditions in depth. Click here to use our secure email to send your medication questions online. Our pharmacists are equipped with the knowledge to answer complex medication and clinical questions.

Community Clinical Pharmacy would like to give a special thank you to Carrington College for creating the Decoding Your Prescriptions infograph.