Compounded Medications for Children

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Compounded Medications for Children

Customized Formulas For Smoother Experience

Cartoonists have joked about it, parents have blogged about it, and Mary Poppins has sung about it. Children hesitating or even refusing to take their medicine is so universal that as a culture we can laugh with understanding at sitcom kids making exaggerated faces of disgust as they choke down their castor oil. That being said, to a parent actually going through this struggle, the only thing worse than getting a child to take his or her medicine is seeing the child sick in the first place.

Better Medicine Flavors

One of the more common reasons a young one will refuse to take a medication is that they can’t stomach the taste. It might be particularly bitter or only come in your child’s least favorite flavor. With a compounded medication, your child can pick from our selection of over 25 different flavors!

On the other hand, maybe it’s not the liquid that your child can’t swallow but a tablet or capsule. In that case, we can compound the prescription into a liquid for a smoother experience.

Our Expert Pharmacists at Community Clinical Pharmacy have helped thousands find custom formulated, compounded medications that fit patients’ individualized needs. They work with you and your provider to treat your specific condition. Medication is NOT one-size-fits-all.

The Solution to Medicine Allergies

Sometimes it’s not so much that a child won’t take their medicine as they can’t take it. A child’s allergies to dyes, lactose, gluten, corn, or any other fillers can make finding even the most standard of medication difficult. Compounding the medication could be the solution. Let us create formulas around your child’s allergies to make sure they get the medicines they need without the allergic reactions they don’t.

While at times a spoonful of sugar can indeed help the medicine go down, sometimes a little more finesse is needed. If your child is struggling to take their medication, give us a call! We’d be happy to go over compounding options to help ease the experience.

If you find yourself interested in the treatments mentioned or any other alternatives to treatments that may not be working for you, contact our experts at Community Clinical Pharmacy. We can answer all your questions and work towards formulating a solution that works for you. 

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